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International Chocolate Salon Excellence Award 2011

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Better Than A Bow
Here’s a sweet way to add a personal touch to any bottle of wine you’re gifting this season. Packaged as hang tags, BRIX chocolates are available in mini 3-ounce bars to pair with different varietals. Choose from four blends, including the Smooth Dark Chocolate to complement Champagne, Riesling and Port.
– Brenda Morrison; LCBO Food & Drink Magazine Holiday 2013 Issue

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Until now, cheese has pretty much had a lock on the wine-accompaniment game, but in-the-know wineries and sommeliers are now making room next to the blues and chevres for a decadent newcomer, Brix Chocolate. Specifically blended to complement different wine varietals, this award-winning chocolate enhances without overwhelming wine’s subtle nuances. It’s available in three blends: milk chocolate (for lighter reds and desserts wines), dark chocolate (the most versatile blend and great with zinfandel, syrah or merlot) and extra dark (perfect for deep, full bodied reds like cabernet and bordeaux).
– Nancy Won; The Globe And Mail April 09, 2011
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Red wine and chocolate make a luxurious combination, and multiple-award-winning Brix Chocolate celebrates this decadent duet. Available in milk, mediu dark and extra dark, Brix is carefully crafted to complement different wine varietals – with pairing suggestions listed on the packaging. For example, the exceptionally versatile medium dark chocolate offsets the tannins and enhances without overwhelming the fruity nuances of everything from Pinot Noir to Cabernet Sauvignon. Serve on a tray with a sharp-tipped knife, to be fractured like a hard cheese. It’s a creative idea for an after-dinner treat with friends or a romantic evening by the fire.
– Brenda Morrison; LCBO Food & Drink Magazin Winter 2011 Issue

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The three blends come in cute little brick-like shapes: There’s a milk chocolate bar for port, icewine, rosé and pinot noir; a dark bar for zinfandel, syrah/shiraz, Rhone reds and merlot; and an extra-dark bar for cabernet sauvignon and Barolo. It’s not just a gimmick; the chocolates do harmonize with the wines.
– Beppi Crosariol; The Globe And Mail February 10, 2011
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When grape meets bean

Dr. Nick Proia, a pulmonologist from Ohio, took this whole wine and chocolate affair to the pinnacle when he developed Brix, a brand of chocolate made specifically to pair with wine. At the root of the three styles of bars is single origin Ghanaian chocolate, known for its red fruit tones. “Brix accents your wine much like the Riedel glass does,” said Bruce Barber, a partner in the enterprise.

Brix Extra Dark (70%) is formulated to pair with the deepest red wines. Its very high cocoa content can stand up to considerable tannins found in such wines as Barolo and Bordeaux and well as the heavier, peppery zinfandels and syrah grape wines. Brix Dark Chocolate (60%) is the most versatile, with a fairly high cocoa content, yet mellow enough to enhance the fruit-forward wines it was designed to accompany. Brix Milk Chocolate is made for the lighter reds and dessert wines.

– Margaret Swaine; National Post February 13, 2010
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