Canadian Gift & Tableware Association’s 2009 Top 10 Product of the Year Award

My pal Ian still hasn’t forgiven me for breaking one of his favourite wine glasses at a backyard party last summer. He likes good wine, you see, and can’t bear to serve it in plastic cups. This year, I’m bringing my own Govino.


Good wine deserves these reusable, crystal clear tumblers. They’re made from a special food-grade plastic that reflects a wine’s colour and aroma beautifully. Govino are elegant, unbreakable and easy to hold. You can even use the thumb notch to measure six ounces of wine. Hand-wash and they’ll last several years before being tossed in the blue box.

– Cynthia David; Early Summer 2010 Edition

Made of durable, aroma-free plastic, GoVino Wine Glasses are as ideal for outdoor use as they are stylish. Reusable and recyclable, the stemless, tulip-shaped tumblers have a handy indention to keep wet or greasy hands from losing grip.

Beppi Crosariol; The Globe And Mail July 9, 2009