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Aging your wine to perfection in just minutes” is a startling new discovery made by Ms. Jacqueline Peiffer. Simply place your bottle of wine on the specialized magnetic coaster and enjoy the results. As one winemaker said “this product lets me see where my wine is going”. Rick Boyer, winemaker for Jenkel Vineyards in California commented “the  Wine Cellar Express coaster seems to add two to three years of aging in only 30 minutes

Jacqueline Peiffer, a resident of Long Island, New York has been granted a patent for this amazing, scientific discovery, the Wine Cellar Express – “the wine cellar of the future”. Jacqueline has worked in the wine and spirits industry for many years. Utilizing magnets for pain management and to promote healing on a variety of tennis and equestrian injuries, her strong belief in the power of magnets led to experiments beginning in early 1995 to make this scientific discovery a reality. In December 1998, Jacqueline filed for a patent after extensive testing with friends in the business and later on with winemakers from coast to coast. Later tests carried out by a leading U.S. University, School of Enology, confirmed her astonishing discovery. Everyone, at first skeptical, has been astounded by the dramatic difference that the Wine Cellar Express can make, especially on red wine. A later trip to Napa and Sonoma to meet with winemakers resulted in sales to tasting rooms and retail shops.

Jacqueline has been interviewed by Newsday (Oct ’99), Guy Bower, “The Good Life Guy” on radio KNSS (June 2000), interviewed and filmed for a Cablevision series on Long Island Inventors (Spring 2002) and conducted taste tests for thousands of attendees at the WOR “Taste of New York” in September 1999 and many other wine events and tastings.

The Wine Cellar Express dramatically reduces the harsh, bitter tannins generally present in young red wines. The magnetic field “softens” or reduces these tannins in much the same way that aging a wine for several years would eventually accomplish. Only now, utilizing only the coaster, what took years, takes only 15 to 30 minutes. In just moments your wine is softer, silkier, unmasking luscious layers of fruit flavors. Young, tight wines “open up”, the aroma goes from negligible to noseworthy, revealing the true character in each bottle. The  Wine Cellar Express, a 5″ portable coaster, does not need any additional power source, cap or other device to perform its magic and achieve the desired results. The Wine Cellar Express can also improve the flavor and balance in port, sherry, brandy, cognac, beer and other barrel aged spirits.

An exclusive partnership to manufacture and distribute the  Wine Cellar Express globally has been entered into with Bishu Mukherjee of B & M Marketing (Canada) Inc., of Toronto, Canada. Mr. Mukherjee, an importer and distributor of fine wine accessories among other products states “I am very excited with the opportunity to bring this amazing product to wine lovers around the world”. The manufacturing and quality control process is performed with modern computerized equipment to maintain a consistent high level of quality. The sleek new design of the  Wine Cellar Express blend beautifully with any tabletop setting. There are two great choice of finish, natural wood grain and brushed aluminum. Each coaster comes packaged in an attractive gift box complete with instructions in six languages and includes a unique, multi-lingual, gift card…just fill in the blanks! This is another innovative concept for the consumer retail industry. Bishu’s years of experience in marketing has shown him that, today’s consumers are seeking functional, innovative products with a high-perceived value. Presentation, Packaging and Price are the 3 important aspects for any product to sustain a long-term marketing strategy and consumer acceptance.

Scores of comments/testimonials have been received on the Wine Cellar Express, including a recent article published by Wine Access magazine, May 2002. This article was written by Jim White of Napa Valley, California, who gathered together four of Napa’s top winemakers and conducted a double blind test which included the Wine Cellar Express coaster and four other “breathing” methods. All the winemakers voted the wine treated with the Wine Cellar Express to be their number one choice.

For further information, please visit www.winecellarexpress.com, call 1.877.AGE.WINE or 1.905.855.9202, e-mail: info@winecellarexpress.com.

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