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Airtender Wine Lovers Set – Blister Pack

  • Wine lovers collection includes two ground breaking products: the Airtender Aerator and the Airtender Vacuum Preservation Pump.
  • Airtender Aerator: easy-to-use pump system with innovative stainless steel filter creates millions of air bubbles instantly
  • Aerate wine by the glass for a personalized tasting experience
  • Enhance wine aromatics and flavours in seconds
  • Mix and foam cocktails without a shaker
  • Create sophisticated culinary foam
  • Airtender Preserver: easy-to-use pump system to vacuum seal cork and screw cap wine bottles
  • Patented nanostopper creates 100% leak-proof seal for horizontal storage
  • Low-profile stopper allows screw cap wine bottles to be re-capped
  • Set includes: 1 Airtender air pump + 1 stainless steel aerator with microfilter + 1 Airtender preservation pump + 3 stoppers
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Manufactured with focus on sustainability and social responsibility principles