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Cuisivin Brandy Snifter Gift Set

  • Specially designed for Brandy, Cognac, and other liquors
  • Large round bowl with tapered, narrow mouth showcases aromas
  • Includes aroma lid, designed to seal in the aroma of your wine or spirit while it sits
  • German lead-free crystal
  • Capacity: 21oz / 620 ml
  • Gift tube includes 2 glasses and 2 aroma lids

Eisch SensisPlus Superior Brandy Snifter – 6 Pack

  • Unique SensisPlus technology quickly enhances aroma, nuances and flavour of Brandy
  • SensisPlus technology releases the full taste potential of wine, while maintaining the original character and structure.
  • Superior line: Classic design with one-piece durable construction and fine rim
  • German lead-free crystal
  • Capacity: 21.5oz / 630 ml; Height: 6.2" / 157.48mm
  • 6pk colour gift box