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Liquid Asset
Any time you have an unfinshed bottle of wine, preserve what remains in a Savino. This glass carafe includes a unique floating device that rests on top of the wine, minimizing air contact and maintaining the full original flavour for up to a week.
– Brenda Morrison; LCBO Food & Drink Magazine Holiday 2013

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Don’t put a cork in it
Got leftover wine? ouring vino from an unfinished bottle into this ingenious glass carafe by U.S.-based Savino will keep it fresh for four to seven days, depending on the wine’s acidity and tannin content. The secret: A floating disk acts as an oxygen barrier when the cylinder’s vertical; tilt to pour and the disk automatically bobs to the side to let liquid through.
– Beppi Crosariol; The Globe & Mail December 14, 2013

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For the oenophile, the Kickstarter-funded Savino ($50) solves the problem of what to do with leftover wine — or the tyranny of 750 millilitres, as the company puts it. Rather than just stick a cork or stopper in that partially completed bottle destined for the fridge, you can use the Savino to store it. A clever gizmo floats atop the wine, sealing it off from oxygen, thus saving it from spoiling.
– Adam McDowell; National Post December 13, 2013

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