Canadian Gift & Tableware Association’s 2009 Top 10 Product of the Year Award

“We asked the LCBO’s Knowledge Resources Group to put an Eisch Glass to the test with a number of varietals. They found that when compared against other tasting glasses, the Breathable Glass offered a definite improvement…”
– Brenda Morrison; LCBO Food & Drink Magazine Spring 2009 Issue

Eisch Single Malt Glass voted Whisky Magazine’s “Top Nosing Glass”

“Wearing my skeptic’s hat and tasting from a freshly uncorked bottle of Peter Lehmann’s Clancy’s, a $20 Australian blend of shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and merlot, I came to this surprising conclusion: a very discernible difference after just three minutes.”
– Beppi Crosariol; The Globe and Mail September 5, 2007

” The sensation of the season? The Eisch Glass from Germany. Just pour your big, tannic, puckery wine in the glass and within seconds, the fierce tannins are tamed. I have tested it a dozen times, with very young heavily oaked reds from Australia, France and California. Test it yourself, pour a bitter red in a normal glass, then in the matching size crystal glass. You will be amazed”

– Gordon Stimmell; Toronto Star

“You almost don’t want to believe it could work, but I do notice a difference” “Aromatically, there’s more there with the Eisch glass” said Geoff Last. “The Eisch glass was more aromatic and showing more fruits. The tannins were still very much there but were considerably softer in the Eisch glass.”
– Shelley Boettcher -Calgary Herald

“What a difference a good wine glass makes.” “An impressive demonstration of how a fine glass improves a wine”

– John Schreiner – Appellation Amercia