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Bottle Protection

Bringing wine home from trips can be a risky endeavour. Writer Brenda Morrison solves the problem with these WineSkins, which she first recommended in Spring 2010 and has since also used for olive oil, rum, vodka and tequila from destinations as far flung as Las Vegas and Portugal.

– LCBO Food & Drink Magazine Autumn 2013

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If you’re flying somewhere on vacation this year, be sure to take along a few WineSkin bottle enclosures. With air-travel restrictions prohibiting the stowing of liquids in carry-on luggage, this leak-proof solution is ideal for anyone traveling with a souvenir bottle of wine, spirits or even olive oil in their suitcase. No more rolling a bottle up in your clothes and then worrying the whole way home about it breaking. Made of reinforced bubble wrap, the WineSkin is designed to protect and prevent the bottle from breaking. And if the bottle does break, the dual-strip seal keeps the wine and broken glass inside – protecting clothes and other valuables from damage.
– Brenda Morrison; LCBO Food & Drink Magazine Spring 2010 Issue
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