Dualit Toasters and Kettles bring together 70 years of experience to offer you four complete ranges, to suit all tastes and requirements, all designed with ergonomics and aesthetics firmly in mind. Shop for kettles and toasters from our latest collections. Choose from all of our ranges offers the highest quality, stylish designs with a choice of colours and finishes.

Blending the technical, the practical and the aesthetic, the Design Series is designed for the modern home, so if you update your kitchen or just fancy a change, your toaster and kettle can change with you.

The Classic Toasters are the ultimate, adding a touch of class to your kitchen. Featuring multi-patented, repairable and replaceable parts, for convenience, value and longevity.

The Dualit Toaster is the epitome of simplicity and sophistication. Hand assembled in England, the toasters feature extra wide 28mm slots to accommodate buns, bagels and the optional Sandwich Cage. The award winning ProHeat elements, feature a patented design that increase toasting efficiency and element longevity. The latest NewGen Toasters now feature a setting to defrost bread before toasting as well as a selector control for toasting buns/bagels (toasting one side and warming the other). Every toaster has a removable crumb tray and an adjustable rear foot. The Dualit toaster is manually operated with a timer switch to control the degree of browning and an ejector system, which keeps items warm until the ejector lever is pushed up to remove the toast. The Dualit toasters are available in a 2, 2+1 Combi (which includes 1 sandwich cage) or 4 slot model, in a rainbow of colours.

Le grille-pain Dualit est la quintessence de simplicité et de modernité. Assemblés à la main en Angleterre, les grille-pains disposent de fentes de 28mm permettant d’accueillir des bagels, des petits pains et la cage à sandwiches en option. Doté de la technologie brevetée, ProHeat, destinée à augmenter la qualité du grill ainsi que la longévité des composants. Le dernier né, le New Gen inclut maintenant une option décongélation avant de griller ainsi qu’un bouton de sélection lors de l’utilisation (griller un coté et réchauffer l’autre) Tous les grille-pains sont fournis avec un bac de récupération des miettes et des pieds ajustables. Les grille-pains Dualit s’utilisent manuellement avec un minuteur qui permet de contrôler le degré de brunissement et un système d’éjection, qui garde les pains au chaud jusqu’à ce que l’utilisateur pousse le levier au maximum pour retirer le pain. Les grille-pains Dualit sont disponibles en 2, 2+1 Combi ou 4 fentes.