Pensofal has been a leader in the non-stick aluminum cookware market since 1986. The company is distinguished for its commitment to innovation through continuous research and invention of patented technologies. In 1991, Pensfoal was the first global producer of induction non-stick aluminum cookware when it invented the patented “unalterable stainless steel double bottom”. Pensofal continues its leading position by revolutionizing the cookware industry.

Bioceramix®, Pensofal’s latest innovation, combines the benefits of traditional non-stick and ceramic technologies to provide a long-lasting non-stick performance. The patented non-stick technology is composed of a multilayer ‘honey comb’ structure with ceramic base reinforcement as well as an exclusive application of RPP-2 technology. This creates a compact coating film with a smooth and impermeable surface, resilient in high temperatures. Pensfoal is PFOA free and safe on all hobs including induction.